What is Facebook Marketplace and How It Is Used to Buy and Sell?

What is Facebook Marketplace

As Facebook took on Etsy and eBay four years prior as it was launching its own Marketplace,

therefore, this was a new feature added inside the Facebook application that you can use to purchase and sell products.

But before we proceed any further, First we need to understand what is a marketplace.

What is Facebook Market Place?

Facebook marketplace is a feature where seller and buyer are on the same platform,

as a result, it gets way easier to buy or sell almost anything.

Facebook users already utilized Facebook Groups to purchase, sell, exchange, and trade,

For example, with the goal that individuals in your nearby neighborhood can post things they have available to be purchased and search for things from others.

Be that as it may, it was somewhat awkward.

Where Can I Find Facebook Market Place?

It is so simple, Just tap the market place icon located at the bottom of your Facebook application.

How Can I Browse Items for Sale?

Firstly, there will be a bunch of photos that people in your locality listed for selling purpose,

But for instance, you cannot find your required item or you want to find something more specific,

For this purpose Facebook provides with different filters,

To clarify, you can enter the name of the anything you need to buy and you can filter the results with respect to

1. Location
2. Category
3. Price

Moreover, Next to Search Icon is the category option which allows you to filter your search by the categories including,

1. Household
2. Apparel
3. Electronic etc

Furthermore, there is also a location tool that helps you limit your search to a specific location or area within your reach.

How Can I Buy Items From Facebook?

When you find something that matches your need,

1. Tap on the image to see more details for example,

  • Details from the Seller
  • Product Description
  • Name and profile Picture of the Seller
  • General Location of the Seller

2 . Once you have made up your mind to buy, Just simply text the seller to make an offer.

Note: Facebook does not provide any payment or delivery options, You have to decide how to pay and receive the item yourself.

How Can I Sell Items on Facebook?

In order to Sell any item on Facebook, Follow the steps below:

1. Take an attractive photo of your item.
2. Enter the Name of the product.
3. Provide an eye-catching description.
4. Add the spice of Price
5. Confirm your current location (Facebook Marketplace will pop-up that option)
6. Select the category, your product fits in.

As soon as, you post it, the people in that specific locality will be able to see your product.

Be ready to start receiving messages and offers,

In short, you are the judge to whom your product should be sold.

How Can I Keep Track Of My Product?

If you want to keep track of the whole process,

1. Visit your Items Section on the Facebook Marketplace main screen
2. Here you can view your transactions as well as,

  • Your saved items
  • Products that were posted by you to sale
  • Messages with the people who were interested.

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