How to use YouTube Dark Mode on Desktop, Android and iOS

For desktop, iOS, and sort of Android

YouTube Dark Mode permits you to change from the splendid white light of the standard application or site to a profound dark that is kinder on your eyes,

especially in a darkened room.

Dark Mode is a moderately new expansion to YouTube. It was presented for desktop browsers in 2017,

appeared on iOS (both iPhone and iPad) in March 2018, and arrived for Android gadgets in July 2018.

How to use YouTube Dark Mode on iOS

Dark Mode is anything but difficult to discover in case you’re utilizing the YouTube application on an iPhone or an iPad.

Simply tap for your picture in the upper right corner of the application to open the Options menu,

at that point select Settings > Theme > Dark.

You can turn around this whenever by rehashing the means above and flipping the switch back to Light.

Something else, the YouTube application will default to Dark Mode at whatever point you open it.

How to use YouTube Dark Mode on Android

This is a generally late component and may require a significant stretch of time to roll out to your gadget,

so don’t be excessively frustrated on the off chance that you can’t utilize it for the following barely any days.

To get to Dark Mode, you’ll need to open the YouTube application and head to the Settings area and push on General.

Inside this menu, you’ll discover the catch to change to the darker shade.

When you’ve turned this on you’ll at that point discover it’s own as a matter of course,

yet it’s a simple thing to change later on in the event that you simply need to do the means above again and switch it off.

How to use YouTube Dark Mode on Mac or PC

In case you’re utilizing YouTube in a desktop internet browser, click your record picture in the upper option to get to the menu.

Mostly down, you’ll detect a change to actuate Dark Theme (ie Dark Mode).

Dark Mode will stay dynamic until you switch it off by following similar advances.

It truly is that basic. Presently you can make the most of your most loved YouTube recordings in any lighting conditions without stressing your eyes.

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