How To Enable Dark Mode For Google Chrome

How to enable dark mode on google chrome
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It has become so easy to enable dark mode on Google chrome browser for all the website,

Every website you visit will automatically be forced into dark colors.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode In Google Chrome Browser

With the new updates rolled out Google has added a new feature in the browser which literally forces almost every website, to use the dark mode.

In other words, the website does not need to have the dark mode natively embedded in it.

Step 1: Get The Latest Version of Google Chrome

In order to enjoy the dark mode functionality you much first have the latest version of Google Chrome Browser,
Firstly, you need to update the browser, here is how:

1. Open your Chrome Browser by clicking the icon
2. Head towards the Top Right Corner, Click on the Three-Dots.
3. In addition to that, Head over to the last option “Help“.
4. Then, Navigate to “About Google Chrome“, You will find a screen like this.

How to Enable dark mode in google Chrome, How to update google Chrome Browser

5. Let it Update,
6. If you already have the latest version, follow the next steps.

Instructions For MAC users:

In addition to the above-mentioned steps, Mac users can follow the same steps, Google will automatically update if your browser does not have the latest version.

For more information regarding updating your browser see Google’s FAQ

Step 2: Getting the Dark Mode

Most importantly, this “Dark more” can affect the look of the website, For Example, if the website has a native white theme it will be turned to black.

As a result, the look and feel of the website will be changed

Follow the steps to enable Dark Mode in Chrome 78 and above:

1. Type the following URL in the URL Bar:  chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark
2. A menu will pop up with different options including “Force Dark Mode Option”
3. Click the drop-down and select Enable.
4. Hit the Relaunch Button in the bottom and Poof! You have your Dark Mode Enabled

In Step 3 above, you’ll see a few alternatives in the drop-down menu; they all work also, basically exchanging up the shading models accessible. You can test them all on the off chance that you need. It comes down to your own inclination.

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