How To Connect AirPods with Mac

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Airpods have been in use to the world for a long time now. They have certainly become an important part of Apple’s devices and users.

Connecting Airpods with Mac has been a much-heated topic.

On the other hand, the world is moving towards innovations with the release of new technology,

people are going more towards the accessories which are user friendly and time-saving.

Whereas, Airpods are one such innovation by Apple that the world was looking for and which was a basic need for Apple users.

So as to say, If you are an Apple user, especially if you are using iPhone (iOS 10+) or Mac (macOS Sierra+) you will find it more useful.

Therefore, with the use of Airpods, your life would definitely become much easier especially if it’s connected with your Apple gadgets.

Why Should You Use Airpods:

Airpods are tiny wireless earbuds, stylish as well as you can carry easily with you.

1. Apple Airpods are simple and easy to manage.
2. They have much better sound quality
3. Airpods are amazing for you if you hate wires
4. As a result, Fitting them in-ear is so easy, that you can do your day to day tasks without even the fear of losing
5. It can be easily paired with the Bluetooth
6. Airpods don’t have any buttons, it can work by Siri, you can manage by double-tapping on the top of Airpods.

However, the first still need to know where to go, how to connect AirPods with mac, as well as what buttons are needed to press. Sometimes people get into the problems,

For instance, if it does not fit you or you are having a bad experience previously while trying to connect the Airpods that how to set them up. Also if you are having connectivity issues or you don’t feel comfortable.

How to Connect Airpods with Mac:

Things to Notice:

1. Go to Setting
2. Turn your Bluetooth ON
3. Air pod Name Appears (whatever your Air pod name is)
4. Disconnect them from your phone.

Step 1: Update to latest Version

Basically, the design of Appleā€™s wireless headphones (Airpods) proved that it would not function with any mac version lower than Sierra.

Meanwhile, the main reason for your AirPods not connecting with your Macbook must be that you are running with an older version.

Therefore, to resolves this issue, you need to update your Mac to the latest available version, so you can easily get connect with your Airpods.

Step 2: Keep Your AirPods Charged:

Keep your AirPods charged and as well as AirPods charging case. In Apple Airpods, the Airpod case must be charged to allow for the charge of AirPods.

Step 3: Power On the AirPods

At the backside of Airpod case, there’s little circle button, you need to hold and press that button, then open the lid of Airpod case,

you can see some kind of popping white light appears at the center of your Airpods.

Connecting the MAC with AirPods:

Open your Mac > Click on Apple Logo > Select System Preferences > Turn on Bluetooth > Open Bluetooth Preferences > Connect your Mac’s Bluetooth with AirPods > Your Airpods Name will appear, you can easily pair the gadget with it.

There you go, You have successfully connected your AirPods with Mac.

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