List of 9 Best Image Search Engines

10 Best Image Search Engines

The Image Search Engines have become very advanced nowadays, So, if you use proper keywords you are more likely to get the image of your choice. However, there is another side of the story too, Maybe you need to find the source of the image or you want to do the reverse image search. For …

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Bing Video Search, New Features And Improvements

BIng Video Search, How to do search Videos

Bing made an announcement of their blog about the new features of Bing Video Search, In addition to that, how improved the Bing video search has become. Ryan Becker and Ting Sun from Bing Video Search say: Designed from the ground up, the new experience includes streamlined navigation showcasing larger and higher resolution previews so …

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Tesla Delivers 88400 Electric Vehicles, Really?

Tesla Delivers 88400 Electric Vehicles

Tesla delivers 88,400 Electric vehicles in the main quarter, beating most investigators expectations regardless of a 21% decline from the past quarter, as the COVID-19 pandemic put a descending focus on request and made calculated difficulties. Tesla Motors said that Thursday it created 103,000 electric vehicles in the primary quarter, about 2% lower than the …

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Dogpile Search Engine Changes Name to Avoid Reek

Dogpile Search Engine Changes Name to Avoid Stink Dogpile has changed its name to WebFetch in the UK and Europe to separate itself from the picture of doggie doo, which the name Dogpile evokes in the heads of more British and Europeans than it does in the US. PC Pro reports that Infospace has conceded …

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What is Cloud Computing?

What is the cloud? Where is the cloud? Is it accurate to say that we are in the cloud now? These are for the most part addresses you’ve likely heard or even asked yourself. The expression “distributed computing” is all over. In the least difficult terms, distributed computing or “Cloud Computing” implies putting away and …

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