Bing Video Search, New Features And Improvements

BIng Video Search, How to do search Videos
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Bing made an announcement of their blog about the new features of Bing Video Search,

In addition to that, how improved the Bing video search has become.

Ryan Becker and Ting Sun from Bing Video Search say:

Designed from the ground up, the new experience includes streamlined navigation showcasing larger and higher resolution previews so you can quickly browse, discover and view videos on the web. On Bing you can not only find great videos from YouTube, Hulu and Vimeo, but also content from Dailymotion, Vevo, MTV, CBS, MSN and more

The additional features in included are as under:

  • Large Video Thumbnails
  • Pop up feature on hovering the mouse over thumbnails
  • Video overlays
  • Improved Navigation System

Addition of New Search Filters

Bing’s new video search channels permit clients to effortlessly figure out video content by date, length, goals, and source.

Having Large Video Thumbnails

Bigger thumbnails in Bing video make it simpler for clients to look over recordings by source with the consideration of the site’s icon just as video see checks.

Pop-out Preview On Hover

On the other hand, Bing Video Search has a new feature,
As soon as you hover the mouse on the video it pops out, showing a little preview of the video.

Overlaying Video and Improved Navigation

In addition to the above features, Bing Videos Search provides viewers with a Related Videos sidebar and a Video Overlay, which means that a viewer can keep searching for other videos without going to the video search page.

Bing is improving their video search system to the way a user searchers

Lets try Bing Video Search and see what we got there.

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